September 2010 archive

Experiencing God And Getting Out Of The Boat at 35,000 Feet

What do free software, experiencing god, getting out of the boat while on a plane all have in common? Well lets start by talking about the free software first. “Why do you give that church management software away for free?”, I get that a lot. Well I can tell you that was not my original …

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History Of OYBO

A lot of people often ask how OYBO was started. First let me just say for those that don’t know, OYBO is short for I guess it was around the year 2000, I picked up a copy of The One Year Bible from Tyndale Publishing to read through the bible that year. As is …

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Fearful To Fearless Book

Fearful To Fearless

For the last year and a half I’ve been quietly putting together a devotional on fear and worry. It’s actually the kind of book I’ve been looking to find for more than ten years, I always thought somebody else would write it. I recall hearing on the radio that there were 365 fear nots in …

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The Impotence of Proofreading

pun intended…. I got a good chuckle watching this, watch the video to see why! Hard as I try to get it right the first time, it seems like i’m always having to go back and edit a post. Often times repeatedly. Is that how it is for you?