Great Moments In Sportscasting

The Philco Corporation Presents… Great Moments In Sportscasting

As a kid growing up in the 60’s I remember our family getting our first stereo system. I think we may have actually saved up enough Top Value stamps at the grocery store to get it. The following ’45’ sized 33 rpm record came as a bonus.

Great Moments In Sportscasting

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Great Moments In Sportcasting

  • October 1951; Dodger vs Giants Pennant Race
  • Post Game Interviews
  • December 7, 1941 Brooklyn vs Giants Football Team Radio Announcement
  • Babe Ruth Audio Clips
  • Knute Rockne in the Notre Dame locker room
  • Dizzy Dean
  • Dempsey / Firpo Post Fight Comments 1923
  • Joe Lewis comments following Max Scmeling fight
  • Two Ton Tony Galento comments after Joe Lewis fight
  • Buddy Bair candid confession
  • Seabiscuit vs War Admiral