January 2010 archive

RSS Feeds & Sidepanel Customization

I’m tellin ya this wordpress stuff is more impressive everyday i look at it. not bad for not looking at any documentation, just trial and error stuff so its pretty intuitive to figure things out. Today i customized the sidebar and added one of the rss feeds from OneYearBibleOnline.com, you can scroll down to the …

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Sometimes Things Aren’t Really That Complicated

I tend to assume things are more complicated than they are sometimes…technically speaking that is… I’m back in here playing around with wordpress to customize the theme a bit. I’ve created a custom header graphic I want to display instead of just having the default text with my name there <boring>. When rendering the site …

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Hello world!

Wow this wordpress stuff is pretty neat! nice quick install and the interface to install plug-ins and themes is great!