What Now

I was contacted recently by Kristopher Barnett. He is a pastor who, in 2010, was looking to challenge his congregation to reading through the Bible in a year. He decided to utilize the One Year reading plan available from Tyndale Publishing. Along with reading God’s word he began looking for resources that coincided with the daily readings to help his church come to a deeper understanding of God’s Word, not just to read through it.

He knew that most people approached Bible reading for information rather than transformation. He wanted his congregation to move beyond simply reading the word of God and experience the joy of living out the word of God. The search for application based resources yielded little fruit.

Disappointed in the results of his search, he decided that he would take it upon himself to provide application oriented questions to publish in the church bulletin. Those questions provided the foundation for the book “What Now?“.

Kris soon discovered that the most likely publisher for the project was not interested, and then to my surprise, the publisher actually referred him to me. I am the owner of the website oneyearbibleonline.com, the same site he recommended his church utilize for reading through the Bible online. Since I had recently started Koozzz Publishing, a small Christian publishing, I was excited to learn how the project began and more of the details of him working with a publisher. After discussing different alternatives we agreed that a print copy that included space for journaling would be best. We also planned to release the book in the major e-reader formats. For more information on his book please visit the Koozzz Publishing site.