WordPress 3.1 Custom Fields

I’m working on a new client website and installed the new WordPress 3.1. I soon realized that custom fields were missing from the back end. I wondered whether a problem occurred during the installation or if one of the plug-ins I was using caused a problem.

I also realized that there were a number of other changes to the user interface as well and then remembered the screen options link.

This latest release of WordPress 3.1 now has the screen options defaulting so that a number of options are toggled off. Options to toggle the visibility for excerpts, custom fields, discussion & comment options, even the slug. So if you were using some of these features and now don’t see them remember to check your screen options, just look for the drop down link in the upper right corner.

Here are screenshots for a few of the back end pages.

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    • awara on April 20, 2011 at 4:55 am

    thanks, It is very helpful tutorial. Keep it up.

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