Heritage Ohio Photo Entry

How To Vote: I’m honored to have had this image chosen as a finalist. Your support is appreciated, if you like it would you please take a minute to visit their site and Vote for #3 Wayne County Courthouse.

Background: In my quest to learn more about photography I often challenge myself for 30 days. During a recent December my challenge was to concentrate on night photography with the stipulation that I only use the manual settings of the camera. After dinner at one of our favorite restaurants in Wooster, Broken Rocks Cafe, the ground was wet following a light rain and the light reflecting off the pavement seemed like a great opportunity for the challenge. This image of the Wayne County Courthouse is the result. It was one of the images I submitted to this years Heritage Ohio Downtown Main Street Photo Contest.

Wayne County Courthouse

Wayne County Courthouse

A Visit To Schnormeier Gardens

The Schnormeiers graciously opened up the gardens to the Knox County Art League Photo Group yesterday! Normally they only open to the public for five days each June! Visit the Schnormeier Gardens website at http://www.schnormeiergardens.org.


Mount Vernon Post Cards

In my earlier post i shared some of the images I was considering using for producing post cards. This post shows the images I decided to go with on this first go-round of postcards of Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Post cards are available at the Gospel Supply Shop and Paragraphs Bookstore in Mount Vernon, Ohio.

Post Cards

Thinking about making Knox County Ohio postcards using these images… what do you think? Click image to begin viewing…

. . . Click this link to see what I decided to go with.



White Lightning

Jeremy Sieberhagen and his wife Marlene have lived in the Central Asian countries of Uzbekistan, Kazakstan and Azerbaijan for the last twenty years. Jeremy and Marlene have three children; Abigail, Nathan and Hannah.Jeremy Sieberhagen Family

Creative story telling was, in large part, what helped get the kids through many cold winter nights. What began as a single story soon grew into The Adventures Of White Lightning.

The Adventures of White Lightning take place in the Tien Shan Mountains of Central Asia. It is the story of a young horse and how he comes to understand and trust the great Tangri, Creator God. It is a story of the consequences of making mistakes, of courage in the face of evil. It is a story of confidence and exploration, of perseverance in hardship, of trust and friendship. It is a story that teaches that we are all loved and created by God.

For more information on the paperback & e-book version please visit Koozzz Publishing.



Five Minutes To Midnight

Five Minutes To MidnightThe past several months I’ve been working with Andy Sieberhagen to prepare thirty of his family’s most significant memories of living ten years in several Central Asian countries. The result is a powerful collection of stories that reflect the pilgrimage of an ordinary man in the hands of an extraordinary God living among those who have never heard the gospel.

I invite you to pickup a paperback or e-book copy of Five Minutes To Midnight, your life will be impacted! Visit Koozzz Publishing for more information.


New Book Project

Today I met with a local missions pastor to finalize plans for a new book project highlighting ten years of missionary work in Central Asia. I’m so excited after reading a few of chapters! Powerful stuff! Look for it in March!