Shoot The Woods

Shoot The WoodsA group of photographers from the Knox County Art Leaguerecently met in the nearby woods to “Shoot The Woods”. Everyone brought a few props and many got to experience using professional flash equipment for the first time and saw the results that can be achieved. Special thanks to our model Molly for her patience that afternoon.Here are a few images from the shoot (click an image to enlarge).

KCAL Photo Show

On June 3rd I was privileged to be one of the featured artists to display their work at the Knox County Art League gallery. It was the first time I had shown my work to a larger audience so I didn’t really know what to expect. Joining me was Eric Mize whom I’ve known for a number of years, it was his first public showing as well. Also on display was the work of Terry Gardner of Mount Vernon.

I’ve said that most of what I love to photograph are the outdoors; landscapes & wildlife. Not knowing if I would have enough pieces to display I began rummaging through what I did have. I also ordered a few larger sizes and a whole slew of 5×7’s. As it turned out I surprised even myself with the number of pieces I ended up with.

A large crowd showed up for the first friday event and I was able to share a bit about some of the pieces that were displayed. I was even able to sell a few of the smaller pieces which was a real encouragement to me.

Here are a few photos from the event.

Looks Like Our Pages Are Numbered

We enjoy reading Jeff Stahler’s Moderately Confused cartoons, especially the reader caption contests that he holds each month. I thought this one from May 2011 was right on target and captured the growing popularity of e-readers and their growing impact on traditional books.

Caption Contest #35 Winner Columbus Dispatch

United Features: Jeff Stahler Bio

The Battle At F-Stop Ridge

Great video from folks at The Camera Store. Enjoy!

iSpy With My Little i

After publishing Fearful To Fearless© for both the Kindle & Nook as well as in native eBook format i thought it was time to look into a format for the iBookStore. To be honest I’ve worked with Windows machines in business and personally since the 80’s and have never felt compelled to wander over to the other side. But I figure that if I had an iPiece (sic) of hardware (iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch running iOS 4 or higher) I would prefer to keep it as clean as I could to not be forced to install an alternate eBook reader application just because a book I was interested in downloading was not available in the format I desired.

So the saga began with researching the iBook format and how to make it available from the iBookstore.

Turns out you need an ITunesConnect account which is how you will manage your iBook… which in essence is an eBook. Once you’re approved to publish you need to download iProducer for the Mac, a Windows version is not available. This is where it comes in handy to have friends who are partial to the iFamily (sic) of products, my first choice was my man @pavi who was all too happy to oblige… iThink (sic) deep down he believed it would draw me to the iSide (sic).

iThanked (sic) him for his generosity and proceeded to explore the idiosyncrasies of this new environment… the MacBook Air. It wasn’t long before iRealized (sic) that apparently Apple users have no problem with the notion of not having a “backspace” key. It’s like it went extinct back in the days when the iBM (sic) Selectric ruled. With a quick search iRealized (sic) the difference between a forward and backward delete, along with a few other nuances.

homophones gone wild!

By now you sort of get the iDea that the more iExplored the different iProducts the more I got to wonder about all the other iWords that fit the genre and could actually be a homonym for a real word. I’d give my iTeeth to come up with a long list, for instance when Apple releases a software fix do they call it an iPatch? Or when you attend a training session is it called an iClinic? Or what if you missed an exam, can you take an iMakeup test?

I didn’t want a case of iStrain so on went my iGlasses to make sure my iSight was clear to iChart my way down this path. It wasn’t long before my iLids began to close, but I didn’t want to iDrop the iBall so iLash’d out and continued to dig deeper [Ay Caramba!]. It was quite an iOpening experience, iBeamed with excitement at the prospect of finding so many words so quickly.

My head said to stop because it was making my iWater and nobody is going to care about this anyway, but you’re an iWitness… it’s not for my eyes only. I don’t know what’s on Apple’s iRadar, but I’m sure that whatever it is it will be like iCandy, both iCatching & iPopping! [ay yi yi!]

This is probably pretty corny, especially for long time Apple users so… all in favor of stopping this nonsense say aye! Sounds like the ayes have it… okay then… aye aye captain!

As of this writing the iBook version of “Fearful To Fearless” is still in a pending status, I’ve read that it can be a while due to the backlog of titles in the iQueue (sic).

I’m off to study iSaac Newton, who is rumored to have had a different encounter with an apple. And for whatever it’s worth here is a link to Apple’s trademarks.

Now…. who wants iScream?


The Name Of The LORD Is A Strong Tower

The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.

Proverbs 18:10 (NIV)

I know its officially spring but with a dusting of snow last night i thought a little preview of what will be was in order. It’s a photo of the gazebo in Fredericktown, Ohio. Hope you enjoy.

Kimyal Tribe Receives Bible In Their Language

Oh that we would desire His word like the Kimyal Tribe does